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We utilize both serial heating cassettes and unique solutions for our customers. Our long experience in IR radiation heating allows us to deliver solutions where most people only see problems. Here are some examples of areas where we from experience know that our products will stream line the production process.


Both in car manufacturing and in various after-sale market installations for paint touch-up and repair, our products are utilized. IRT System is a well-known brand and we have good reputation in the industry.

Adhesive drying and curing

Our cassettes with short-wave IR radiation are used, a. o. in the footwear industry, heat activation of damping mats in car doors, rapid bonding of laminated wood beams and in all places where you want a fast adhesive drying and curing.

Plastics Industry

In the plastics industry IRT and IRT heater cartridges are utilized e g for drying of colour printing on plastic bags, manufacturing of bathroom hoses, crosslink curing of PEX-tubes, curing of polymers for water pipes, manufacturing of plastic films, etc

Converting industry (paper industry)

IRT system is used to shorten the drying/heating procedure in fast processes a. o. Drying within the corrugated board industry , drying of napkin printing, wallpaper drying, drying of printed security documents, etc.