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Corrugated board


We have since the beginning of 1990 delivered IRT heating cassettes for drying of waterborne paint between the printing units. More than 100 plants have been installed in different machine types. The picture shows five intermediate driers and a double final dryer after the final painting. The capacity is 13,000 sheets per hour.

Envelope manufacturing


IRT System conserves energy with our heat cassettes with shortwave infrared radiation. The investment has an ROI of 1 to 1 ½ years, depending on current energy price. Full power in 1 second. The output power can be regulated from 0 to 100% in relation to the conveyor velocity. This technique has become an industrial standard since the 1990’s.

Crosslink curing of Pex pipes


We deliver our standard components for the manufacture of PEX pipes. The advantage lies in the short and quick installation.

Plastic Industry

Plastic materials

Drying of the paint films, the production of shower hoses, curing the plastics material on surfboards are appropriate uses in the plastics industry.


automotive industry

In the automotive industry, and Paint repair used IRT system since the mid-1970s. IRT is a known trademark in the industry. The picture shows a primer drying at FaFaun which manufactures mobile cranes


Print shops

For drying in the screen printing industry, we use standard cartridges or larger heating cartridges



For drying banknotes KBA Giori IRT cartridges in their facility for bank notes printing


Print on napkins

For the drying of ink on napkins IRT has proved a fast drying results in a very short distance.

Adhesive heating

short wave infrared heater

To quickly enable an adhesive is IRT short wave infrared heater a great advantage with its rapid heating of the adhesive layer. The picture shows a special tray for glue activation in shoemaking

Heat activation

plastic materials

For the manufacture of plastic pipes for water transport IRT heating cartridges are used for a rapid hardening of plastic materials. Delivered worldwide.