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1. Heating of polymer foil laminates

2. CrossLink pex tube

3. Drying of printed napkins

4. Heating and curing of rotors

5. Circular oven

6. Infrared radiation cassette with integrated pyrometer

7. IRT standard infrared cassette

8. Wallpaper paint drying

9. Drying of printed corrugated paper

10. Standard radiation cassette for drying of printed napkins

11. Drying of silkscreen print on Miele products.

12. Drying of oven parts.

13. Glue drying on envelope W+D 102/202

14. Polymer foil laminate

15. Print drying on foil.

16. Drying on foil

17. Corrugated paper industry. IRT drying between print stations. Max 13.000 sheets per hour.

18. Direct mail printing

19. IRT circular oven. Heating of plastic shower hose.

20. IRT cassette with air-knives for a faster drying.

21. Special cassette for drying of printed corrugated paper.

22. Paint drying of metal parts for a Mobil crane producer.

23. IRT Heat cassette with a standard electrical cabinet 18kW/230/400V

24. Silkscreen prints on plastics bottles.

25. Flexo print drying in a corrugated board machine.

26. Polyester curing on water pipes with up to 4 meter diam.

27. Paint drying on mobile crane parts.

28. IRT cassette for print drying after the print station

29. Print drying on napkins

30. Drying of printed bank notes.

31. drying of silks screen stencils

32. Irt cassette for inspection and maintenance.

33. Paint drying of AIRBUS metal parts.

34. Drying of printed corrugated paper within the narrow distance between printing units.

35. IRT Mono cassettes with integrated ventilator.

36. 4x LP 360/4kW MonoCassette for glue drying W+D 102/202

37. Label drying

38. IRT standard emitters with electrical cabinet.

39. Test equipment with standard units

40. Glue dryer with stand in shoe manufacturing