Almgard Converting Morsum

Since the 1970’s, we have active in optimizing heating processes in industry. By using short-wave infrared heat radiation, which provides full power within 1 second, and with careful measure and control of the temperature in the process, we have been able to provide the market with economic and technical valuable plants. IRT System is a well known brand all over the world. Our long history within the market is a proof of that we have solved many problems for our customers. This is a guarantee for your future investment, as we probably already have encountered your problem.

Björn Almgard

Björn Almgard

Almgard Converting Morsum
Verdener Str. 49
DE-27321 Thedinghausen - Morsum

Tel. +49-(0) 4204 / 687710
Fax +49-(0) 4204 / 687706
Cell phone +49(0) 171 / 5109870


"Contact me and I can explain the technology and make suggestions for how we can streamline your production."

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